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Games we play - Call of Duty: Black Ops
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How to find The Damned in other Games

I’m often asked by squad mates in which other games are the Damned active?  Everyone seems to have their favorite game.  Its the one where they originally met members of the squad and got to know everyone.  Often we become so passionate about our games that we pour hours and hours of time into the game.  Mastering it, bettering ourselves and our strategies, and finding ourselves amongst the best who play.  Other times its just the casual fun and camaraderie that comes from unwinding from a long day with friends who have shared objectives.  Eventually, there comes a time where we find that we absolutely love the people that we are playing with, but the game has lost some luster.  Its not as fun as it once was.  Often we look past this and play the game just to hang out with our gaming friends.  Often we drive ourselves to burnout in a game.  This is when people ask what other games the Damned are playing.

Since we are a group of players where character comes first, these folks know that they will find themselves amongst a group of fast friends who will help them master the next greatest game they’ve ever played.  This variety of games helps keep an active base of players who continue to enjoy gaming well into their “more mature” years.  One problem is that we’ve never kept a comprehensive list of games in which the squad is active.  Folks have moved together or in small groups from one game to the next or tried new games only to leave for something else when it didn’t “scratch their itch”.  What I’ll attempt to do here is begin listing the games in which the Damned can be found.  This is a “living” list and I hope to hear from my Squad mates about other games in which we can be found.  So, without further delay, the list is as follows:

As I said, this isn’t a complete list.  Please, let me know what I’ve missed so our folks know about other places they can find friendly faces to play.

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